Urgent Notice from the University District Patrol

As was announced to current paid members, our patrol is currently


Due to a sudden policy change at Securitas, the company that provides the patrol guards for University District Patrol (UDP), they will no longer provide service while we have an outstanding balance due. The patrol operates eight hours each night, seven days per week. It has been in service for the last 40 years. Despite declining membership and a general lack of support in the neighborhood we have attempted to reduce our debt AND maintain as many hours of patrol as possible resulting in a negative balance of $10,900.

Special Assessment District funding is delayed until 2021. Meanwhile, our UDP membership drive continues but we cannot resume the patrol without more subscribers and immediate donations from both subscribers and nonsubscribers. Historically neighbors and members have made donations in addition to their subscriptions in amounts ranging from $50 - $1,000. UDP has also benefited from several grants.

Please Donate to the Patrol so we can resume service as soon as possible. Any donation will help.

Your Donation will help:

· Eliminate our Debt

· Restore Nightly Security Patrol

· Restore on-call escort service, while entering or leaving your home

· Restore Alarm Response and Verification

· Restore Vacation and Vacant Home Watches

· Restore Nightly locking of Belden and Gesu Parks

Donate to the UDP by printing and mailing this form with a check payable to University District Patrol. Mail to: UDP, PO Box 21041, Detroit, MI, 48221.

Fill in the following information:


Years in the UD _____

Mailing Address__________________________

Detroit, MI 48221


Contact Number______________________

Are You a Current Subscriber? YES  NO

Can we publish your name on our website or in print as having donated to the patrol? YES  NO

Donations can also be made via PayPal.  Click on Join in the top right corner. The PayPal link is secure.

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For the community

University District Patrol is fully dedicated to keeping our community safe through regular patrols, security services, advocacy and sharing information.

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By the community

We are fully funded by and fully committed to University District residents. We are proud of the fact that your safety is our first and only priority.

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University District continues to be one of the safest and most thriving communities in Detroit thanks to our efforts and your support.

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