More information about the Patrol suspension

To all subscribers

You will be receiving information in the mail giving details on our situation. But the short version is that the UDP services were suspended by our provider, Securitas International, without giving us any time to take emergency measures. There are no officer patrols, escorts, response to emergencies or suspicious activity, vacation checks, etc.

UDP has been unable to pay the biweekly invoices on time due to falling UDP membership. To return to 8 hours every night, we would need about 220 paid annual subscribers. We currently have 153 paid subscribers. Until UDP can eliminate our arrearage, there will be no patrol. The earliest possible date for the Special Assessment District to begin operating is at least a year away and there is no guarantee it will ever go into effect. That’s too long to go without the safety and security a paid patrol brings to all in the University District.

There are many ways you can help. If you are a current subscriber, please consider either making a donation or extending your membership in advance. If every subscriber could donate $100, we could eliminate the shortfall. The mailing will provide specifics on how you can help the UDP get through this period.

Thank you for your continued support.

University District Patrol Board of Directors